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Hypnosis as a Complementary Therapy

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all experience at times when we become deeply absorbed, for example when watching or playing sport, reading or listening to music. It can be used very effectively as a therapeutic tool by trained practitioners to enhance and deepen psychological change. A guided hypnotic trance is a pleasant relaxed state in which you are more absorbed by personal experience than by the world around you. It is sometimes compared to daydreaming when we allow our imagination to take us down particular paths or to various places. It is actually a heightened state of awareness in which the power of positive suggestion can be harnessed.

What actually happens?

You will be helped to reach a deeply relaxed physical state, then to put aside your conscious ‘thinking’ mind, so as to allow your unconscious mind (or imagination or intuition) to become more open and receptive to positive suggestions for change. In this state, it can also become easier to recognise your deepest feelings, motivations and wishes to help you make purposeful positive action. Clients may be invited in various ways to access the resources and ideas they need to help them achieve their goals, in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Is it safe?

While in a light hypnotic trance you will:

  • feel perfectly aware of who you are
  • be able to speak and move at will
  • be able to come out of trance at any point you choose
  • not be unconscious or asleep.

You cannot be made to do or say anything.

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