Oaklands Therapy

Counselling, Psychotherapy, EMDR and Supervision

My Approach

Integrative therapy aims to bring different models, methods and philosophies together in a coherent principled way.
I have undergone training in many different models of therapy and all of them inform my work. Essentially, my approach
is collaborative and exploratory, working to throw light on the ways you interpret experiences and situations, which are
usually strongly influenced by past events and how you experienced and originally made sense of them. By recognising
such patterns in our lives and understanding what triggers them, we are better prepared to work out more effective 
ways-of-being that can help us lead more satisfying lives.
I can also suggest many practical ways of achieving relief from distress and addressing pressing concerns while gaining
insight into these patterns. However, establishing a trusting and genuine relationship with clients is the
fundamental  bedrock of my therapeutic work, without which progress is unlikely.
Counselling or Psychotherapy ?
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